Limit Break mentorship opens for 2024 applications

Limit Break, the mentorship scheme dedicated to supporting under-represented and marginalised groups in the UK games industry, has opened applications for mentors and mentees for its 2024 programme.

Entering its sixth year, Limit Break continues its mission to connect people from under-represented and marginalised backgrounds with experienced industry mentors to help foster diverse talent and creativity across the industry. The free scheme offers a unique opportunity for members to build connections, share knowledge and experiences and support their professional development as part of the thriving Limit Break community. Founded in 2019 with 100 members, the organisation has enjoyed significant growth, engaging with over 1,300 mentors and mentees in 2023 alone.

The free programme offers a unique opportunity for participants to forge connections, exchange knowledge, and support their professional growth. Through a structured six-month mentorship, mentees from diverse backgrounds and disciplines are matched with experienced mentors drawn from all corners of the industry. Monthly one-to-one meetings, coupled with access to exclusive events, resources, and guidance, empower both mentors and mentees to expand their skills and knowledge.

Anisa Sanusi, Founder of Limit Break, said: “We’re super passionate about how mentorship can help support and develop diverse talent in the industry, and we’re really excited to be launching for the sixth year. There are a lot of challenges facing our industry at the moment, but we believe mentoring can make an impact far beyond the Limit Break programme, helping build long-lasting connections and supporting both mentors and mentees to grow, develop and be inspired as part of Limit Break’s awesome community.”

Mentee applications are open to anyone working for a UK-based games company that identifies as part of a marginalised or under-represented gender, orientation, or ethnicity group, as well as neurodiverse people and those with disabilities. Prospective mentors with over three years of industry experience are encouraged to apply.

Potential mentors and mentees can apply now through the Limit Break Mentorship website. Applications are open until midnight on May 2nd.

Photo by NEXT Academy on Unsplash

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