What do we mean by ‘Age’?

In the context of UK employment law for your games business, ‘age’ quite simply refers to ensuring all your employees, regardless of their age, are treated fairly and without discrimination. It’s all about creating an inclusive environment where everyone, from young whippersnappers to seasoned industry veterans, feels valued and respected in the workplace.

What is the law on Age Discrimination in the Workplace?

We’ll focus on specific UK age discrimination laws and how they impact your games businesses. In a nutshell, age discrimination laws are in place to ensure that employees of all ages get a fair shake in the workplace. That means no one should be treated unfairly because of their age, whether they’re fresh out of university or boasting a wealth of industry experience.

In terms of the legal side, the Equality Act 2010 is the go-to legislation that helps us ensure we’re treating everyone fairly when it comes to age. It covers a range of areas, from recruitment and promotions to pay and benefits, making sure that no one is left out or disadvantaged just because they’re a bit younger or older than their colleagues. So, it’s important to be mindful of age when we’re making decisions, setting policies, or simply interacting with our team members.

It’s not just about avoiding age discrimination – it’s also about creating a positive and supportive environment for everyone, regardless of their age. As games business leaders, we can promote age diversity by offering training and development opportunities, encouraging knowledge sharing between generations, and celebrating the unique strengths and perspectives each person brings to the table. That way, we’re not only following the law but also fostering a fantastic workplace where everyone can thrive and do their best work.

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