Health Check

This is your chance to discover where you and/or your company are up to on your EDI Journey. There’s no judgement, your results are for you only. Please be assured, there’s no obligation to take the Health Check, it’s just there to help us to sign post the most relevant areas of the platform for you. And it’s just 10 questions – with no wrong answers!

To try the Health Check, simply Register to become an Empower Up Member, or Log In to get started.

Who should take the EDI Health Check?

Anyone! Studio owners or managers can benchmark and discover how they can improve their EDI strategies, while HR teams may find that there are specific areas that will provide them with additional info and inspiration. And if you’re just interested in EDI initiative and policy, this is your starting point!

Why should you take the EDI Health Check?

Empower Up has been launched to provide comprehensive advice, guidance and inspiration for all – wherever you are on your EDI journey. This Health Check will simply allow us to suggest which areas of the site you should visit as your starting point. 

What happens with your results?

There are just 10 questions to consider – and there are no wrong answers for each! Once you’ve worked through the questions, you results will show you and/or your company as currently ‘Walking’, ‘Running’ or ‘Flying’ on your EDI journey – and will point you to the areas of the website that will best suit you right now. You can also choose to receive your results via an automated email – please note that no data is retained by the Empower Up team.