Your EDI journey

Wherever you are on your EDI Journey, this section will provide you with actionable steps to make your studio a more equal, diverse and inclusive place…

Once you have taken the Empower-Up Health Check you will have an understanding of where your studio currently sits – and, as you’re here, it’s likely you know where you want to be!

This section of the platform will give you an overview and more detailed guidance on the areas of your business that are touchpoints from which to build out your EDI programme – whether that’s in attracting and recruiting new talent, and then developing and retaining them; ensuring your workplace culture provides a sense of belonging to your employees; or in ensuring your activities, marketing and the games themselves are inclusive.

The building blocks below provide our suggested journey pathway, but of course feel free to click on the areas that you feel are most important to your Journey and to your studio.

And don’t forget to check out our section on Case Studies and Resources for more inspiration!

Get started in your organisation

Not taken the Empower Up Health Check yet? No problem! Our easy-to-use tool helps identify actions that you can take in your workplace to ensure you are more compliant to EDI law and best practice. To try the Health Check, simply Register to become an Empower Up Member, or Log In to get started.