ustwo games opens socially-mobile internships for 2024

ustwo games has confirmed that its socially-mobile internship initiative is returning for the second year, with two opportunities to join its team in the QA and Programming departments.

The nine-month paid internships have been crafted to offer candidates hands-on experience working on live development projects, alongside an experienced team, learning the ropes and getting valuable mentorship.

Each of the available positions offers full employment rights and benefits (holidays, sick leave, pension, travel allowance, etc), removing what ustwo games believes to be a significant fiscal barrier for aspiring game developers from lower socio-economic backgrounds. 

“Starting a career in games shouldn’t be all about qualifications or experience: Whatever your background, we believe in giving talented individuals the chance to shine,” says Julie Piedrabuena, Head of People & Culture at ustwo games. “We’re on the hunt for individuals who are not only passionate about games, but are eager to learn and contribute to the creation of unique games experiences. So, if you’re an avid gamer with your own ideas, or you’ve been tinkering with games in your spare time and have a portfolio to show for it, we want to hear from you.”

The QA Internship will allow candidates to take a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of game development, where they’ll learn how to ensure games are bug-free and user-friendly. It’s a chance to be on the front line, helping to guarantee smooth, immersive gaming experiences.

The Programming intern, meanwhile, will get hands-on experience with code, contributing directly to the creation and fine-tuning of the studio’s next adventures. It’s being pitched as ideal for those who love solving puzzles and bringing creative visions to life through programming.

Piedrabuena says the inaugural 2023 internship intake (in Design and Programming) cemented the value of paid initiatives among the ustwo games team, demonstrating a clear career pathway for individuals for whom traditional avenues into game development are not available.

“We also learned that offering a socially-mobile internship programme also opens your studio up to fresh experiences and ideas, which can help take the development process in exciting directions not previously considered – both these outcomes, and the progress of our 2023 cohort, fired our desire to repeat the exercise for 2024. I’d encourage all studios to look closely at how paid internships could benefit their own businesses.”

You can find out more about ustwo games’ paid internships here.

To learn more about how Social Mobility initiatives can help your games business, click here to read our guide.

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