PRIDE MONTH: How to support your LGBTQ+ employees

Pride Month provides an ideal opportunity to show support to LGBTQ+ individuals who are working in your studio. Here are some meaningful ways you might want to consider…

Education and Language

The journey begins with education. Invest in training programmes that equip leaders and employees alike with a deeper understanding of LGBTQ+ identities, experiences, and challenges. This empowers everyone to be respectful allies and fosters empathy across the studio.

Language plays a crucial role. Encourage the use of inclusive pronouns in email signatures and introductions. This seemingly small gesture sends a powerful message of respect and creates a space where everyone feels comfortable being themselves.

Policies and Practices

Strong policies are the backbone of a supportive workplace. Ensure your non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies explicitly include sexual orientation and gender identity.

Benefits packages are another key area. Look for comprehensive healthcare plans that cover services relevant to LGBTQ+ families, such as fertility treatments, adoption assistance, and domestic partner benefits.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) dedicated to LGBTQ+ employees can be a powerful source of community and support. These groups provide a safe space for employees to connect, share experiences, and advocate for LGBTQ+ inclusion within the studio. Companies can support ERGs by offering resources, leadership training, and opportunities for them to connect with LGBTQ+ organisations.

Beyond Pride Month

Demonstrate your commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion throughout the year. Sponsor or participate in LGBTQ+ events, not just during Pride Month, but throughout the year. Ally yourselves with LGBTQ+ causes and organisations. But ensure your actions are genuine and reflect a year-round commitment to diversity.

Setting the Tone

Leaders play a crucial role in shaping company culture. LGBTQ+ leaders who feel comfortable being out and authentic can serve as powerful role models. Encourage open discussions about diversity and inclusion at all levels of the studio.

Measuring and Feedback

Regularly conduct surveys and focus groups to gauge employee sentiment. Are LGBTQ+ employees comfortable bringing their whole selves to work? Are there areas where the company can improve? Gathering feedback allows you to identify gaps and make data-driven decisions to improve.

Seek Advice & Inspiration

The Empower Up platform will provide you with everything you need to know, from legal obligations to the important dates in the LGBTQ+ calendar; from the latest news and insights to case studies, and information on community groups.

Find out more in our dedicated resource section here.

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