Building Trust Through Transparency: Annual Diversity Reports

It’s important for studios to demonstrate authenticity and commitment to EDI and one great way to exhibit this commitment is through transparency—specifically, by publishing an annual diversity report. Here are some reasons why:

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A Clear Snapshot of Where You Stand

An annual diversity report doesn’t just present numbers; it paints a clear picture of the studio’s current landscape. By showcasing the make-up of your team, including the representation of under-represented groups, stakeholders get a snapshot of where the studio stands in its EDI journey. This is not just about ticking boxes but about understanding the studio’s internal community and recognising areas where more work is required.

Building Trust with Your Audience

Trust is a valuable currency. Audiences, collaborators, and potential employees are more likely to engage with studios that are upfront about their values and practices. By releasing a diversity report, studios communicate a clear message that they are ready to be held accountable. This trustworthiness can result in stronger relationships with customers, collaborators, and the broader community.

Demonstrating Active Commitment

It’s one thing to claim commitment to EDI and another to actively show it. When studios detail the initiatives they have in place to promote diversity and inclusion, they underline their proactive stance. Whether it’s mentorship programmes, inclusivity workshops, or community outreach projects, highlighting these efforts in the report solidifies the studio’s dedication to making a change.

A Tool for Reflection and Growth

Creating an annual report necessitates reflection. Studios are compelled to look back at their accomplishments and the challenges they faced. This introspection can be an invaluable tool for growth. Recognising areas where the studio excelled can provide a blueprint for further success, while identifying gaps can inform future strategies to ensure that those gaps are addressed.

Encouraging Industry-Wide Standards

When one studio takes the lead in embracing transparency, it sets a precedent for others. The ripple effect of this action can encourage industry-wide standards of reporting and accountability. Over time, as more studios adopt this practice, it can lead to a collective shift towards a more inclusive and diverse industry landscape.

Addressing Public Concerns Proactively

In a socially conscious world, particularly in an industry like games, audiences are quick to voice their concerns about companies’ practices. By releasing an annual diversity report, studios can proactively address potential issues, answering questions before they’re asked. This proactive approach not only minimises potential negative feedback but also positions the studio as an industry leader in communication and transparency.

An annual diversity report is not just a document—it’s a powerful statement. It speaks of a studio’s dedication to reflecting the diverse world in which we live, their commitment to growth, and their respect for their audience’s right to information. As the games and wider entertainment industry evolves, adopting practices like these will be pivotal in shaping an inclusive, transparent, and trust-filled future.

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Fiona Housiaux

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