Inclusive Job Descriptions & Broadening Hiring Channels

As you’ll have learnt elsewhere, a diverse workforce not only brings unique perspectives, fostering creativity and innovation, but also reflects the diverse markets that games studios serve today. However, to truly reap the benefits of diversity, studios need to be deliberate in their recruitment strategies. An effective EDI programme starts with reviewing job descriptions and broadening recruitment channels.

1. Review and Revise Job Descriptions

The importance of job descriptions in recruitment cannot be overstated. It’s the first
impression potential candidates get of your company and the role. If this initial
communication is laced with biases, it can inadvertently discourage some of the best talents from applying.

  • Avoid Gendered Language and Industry Jargon: Language matters. Using gendered language such as ‘chairman’ or ‘salesman’ can inadvertently create a male-centric image for the role. Similarly, excessive industry jargon can alienate those from non traditional backgrounds, who might bring fresh insights to the position. Instead, use neutral terms like ‘chairperson’ or ‘sales representative’, and ensure that any technical terms are necessary and well-explained.
  • Utilise Inclusive Writing Tools: Fortunately, nowadays there are tools designed specifically to help companies write inclusive job descriptions. Platforms like Textio or Gender Decoder analyse job listings for biased language, offering alternatives that are more welcoming to a wider audience.

2. Broaden Your Recruitment Channels

Once you have an inclusive job description, the next step is to get it in front of a diverse audience. Relying solely on traditional recruitment channels can lead to a homogeneous applicant pool, limiting the breadth of experience and perspectives in your company.

  • Partnerships with Diverse Educational Institutions: Universities and colleges with diverse student populations are goldmines for fresh talent. Establishing partnerships or internship programs with these institutions can help you tap into a broad range of candidates right at the beginning of their careers.
  • Diversified Job Boards and Social Media Outreach: Websites and organisations dedicated to specific groups, be it women in games, the LGBTQ+ community, or people of colour can be invaluable in reaching potential candidates. Additionally, social platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter can be used to highlight your company’s commitment to diversity, reaching out to professionals from varied backgrounds.

By taking the time to carefully craft inclusive job descriptions and casting a wider net in your recruitment channels, you not only increase the potential for a diverse workforce but you also send a strong message about your company’s values. Remember, every job listing, and every recruitment channel, is an opportunity to showcase your commitment to equality and inclusivity – make it count.

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Fiona Housiaux

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