Insuring Every Voice is Heard – Assembling A Diverse Committee

When you embark on an EDI programme, it’s essential to ensure that the approach itself mirrors the values you’re promoting. One of the best ways to do this? Assemble a diverse committee, or Employee Resource Group (ERG) dedicated to championing and implementing these values.

The Power of Varied Perspectives

An EDI committee or ERG cannot be a monolith in its representation. It should reflect the rich tapestry of experiences, backgrounds, and skillsets present within the studio. Why? Because a group with varied perspectives is likely to identify potential pitfalls, propose innovative solutions, and understand the diverse needs of the entire workforce.

Cross-department Representation: Beyond the Usual Suspects

While the HR department often takes the lead in EDI initiatives, it’s vital to remember that the essence of inclusion should permeate every facet of the studio. From Marketing to QA, every department has its unique set of challenges and insights when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

By ensuring each department has a representative on the committee, the company creates a holistic strategy that is sensitive to the nuances of different teams. This cross-departmental approach ensures everyone feels seen, heard, and catered to.

Hierarchical Diversity

It’s easy to assume that senior leaders, with their wealth of experience, are best suited to lead such initiatives. While their leadership is essential, it’s equally crucial to have voices from across the hierarchy. Junior employees often bring a fresh perspective to the table. They might be more attuned to on-the-ground realities, everyday micro aggressions, or new challenges that senior leaders might not be as familiar with.

Incorporating these voices ensures the committee doesn’t miss out on the subtleties of the EDI landscape. Plus, it sends a strong message to the wider company: every voice, irrespective of rank, is valuable.

Regular Check-ins: Keeping the Pulse Alive

Forming a committee or ERG is just the starting point. The real work lies in ensuring this committee is active, engaged, and consistently driving the EDI agenda forward. Regular meetings are a must. They serve multiple purposes:

  1. Momentum: Regular check-ins ensure the programme doesn’t lose steam and remains a priority.
  2. Prompt Addressal: In the dynamic world of workplaces, challenges can crop up unexpectedly. Regular meetings ensure such issues are tackled promptly, without letting them fester.
  3. Feedback Loop: Meetings allow the committee to gauge the effectiveness of implemented strategies and make necessary adjustments.

Setting the stage for a robust EDI initiative begins by ensuring the stewards of this programme truly represent the diversity the company wishes to promote. An inclusive effort, right from its formation, paves the way for more authentic and impactful outcomes.

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Fiona Housiaux

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