The Power Of Feedback And Outreach

Your audience and customer base are diverse, spanning all different groups and backgrounds. So where better to go for feedback on your positioning, efforts and initiatives within the EDI space? Here are some thoughts on where to start:

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    Prioritising Feedback

    Feedback acts as a compass, guiding studios toward more inclusive practices. By actively seeking and incorporating feedback, studios can shape their EDI initiatives in a way that genuinely resonates with their audience.

    Action Steps:

    • Surveys: Regularly circulate surveys focusing on your audience’s perspectives about the studio’s EDI practices. Such direct insights can help in refining your approach.
    • Dedicated Feedback Channels: Establish dedicated platforms or channels where players can share their experiences and thoughts related to EDI. This creates a sense of openness and trust.
    • Engage Community Managers: Empower community managers to actively engage with players across platforms, gathering insights, and addressing concerns related to EDI.

    Tailoring Outreach and Activities

    Outreach programmes provide a unique opportunity for studios to showcase their commitment to EDI. These initiatives should be as diverse as the communities they aim to serve.

    Action Steps:

    • Inclusive Representation: Ensure outreach events, such as game launches, expos and conferences, represent a broad spectrum of voices. Partnering with diverse influencers, creators, and speakers amplifies varied perspectives.
    • Culturally Aligned Initiatives: As studios cater to a global audience, it’s important to recognise and respect cultural nuances. Tailoring outreach initiatives that are sensitive to different traditions and values can enhance community trust.
    • Emphasis on Accessibility: Make sure every piece of content, from games to promotional materials, is universally accessible. This includes, but is not limited to, offering subtitles, readable fonts, and designs that cater to individuals with colour blindness.

    Ongoing EDI Engagement

    A studio’s commitment to EDI should be evident not only in major initiatives but also in everyday activities. Continuous engagement signifies genuine dedication to the cause.

    Action Steps:

    • EDI Partnerships: Forge alliances with organisations or consultants specialising in EDI. Their expertise can provide guidance, ensuring that studio efforts are both impactful and genuine.
    • Regular Training: Organise routine EDI workshops and training for employees. By fostering an internal environment that’s knowledgeable about EDI, studios can more authentically promote these values externally.
    • Showcasing Diverse Narratives: Actively promote and celebrate stories, milestones, and achievements that spotlight diversity within the studio and the broader gaming community.

    A studio’s EDI journey is continuous, evolving with every piece of feedback and every outreach event. By ensuring a receptive feedback mechanism, tailoring outreach activities, and maintaining a persistent focus on EDI, studios can create an ecosystem that is inclusive, vibrant, and reflective of the diverse world we live in.

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    Fiona Housiaux

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