Avoiding Age Discrimination During The Recruitment Process

Avoiding age discrimination is crucial when recruiting staff to ensure fair and equal opportunities for all candidates, regardless of their age. By following certain practices and implementing inclusive policies, your games business can foster a diverse and inclusive workforce. Here are some strategies to avoid age discrimination…

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  1. Focus on skills and qualifications: When drafting job descriptions and requirements, emphasise the skills, qualifications, and experiences necessary for the role rather than specifying age-related preferences. This will ensure that candidates are evaluated based on their abilities and potential rather than their age.
  2. Avoid age-related language: Be mindful of the language used in job advertisements to avoid inadvertently excluding or discouraging candidates of certain age groups. Eliminate phrases or requirements that imply age limitations, such as “recent graduates” or “young and dynamic.” Instead, focus on the skills and attributes that are essential for the job.
  3. Implement diverse sourcing strategies: Broaden your recruitment efforts by using various channels to reach candidates of different age groups. Instead of relying solely on online job boards, consider engaging with professional networks, social media platforms, community organisations, and industry events to attract a diverse pool of candidates.
  4. Train hiring managers on age bias: Provide training and guidance to hiring managers to raise awareness about age bias and promote fair assessment practices. Train them to recognise and challenge any assumptions or stereotypes they may have about older or younger candidates. Encourage them to focus on qualifications, experiences, and cultural fit during the interview process.
  5. Use diverse interview panels: Ensure that the interview panel consists of individuals from different age groups and backgrounds. This will help reduce bias and provide a more comprehensive perspective when evaluating candidates. Diverse panels can also contribute to a more inclusive decision-making process.
  6. Provide equal opportunities for development: Offer training and development opportunities to employees at all stages of their careers, regardless of their age. Implement mentorship or buddy programmes that pair experienced employees with younger or less-experienced colleagues to foster cross-generational learning and growth.
  7. Review and update policies: Regularly review your company policies to ensure they are inclusive and do not discriminate based on age. This includes policies related to promotions, performance evaluations, and training opportunities. Ensure that all employees have equal access to career advancement and professional development, regardless of their age.

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