Avoiding Age Discrimination When It Comes To Pay & Benefits

Avoiding age discrimination in pay and benefits is crucial to ensuring fairness and equality in your games business. It is important to provide equal compensation and benefits to employees regardless of their age. Here are some strategies your company can implement…

equal pay & benefits
  1. Establish transparent pay structures: Develop clear and transparent pay structures that are based on objective criteria such as job responsibilities, qualifications, experience, and performance. Avoid using age as a factor in determining salary levels. By having transparent pay structures, you can ensure that employees are compensated fairly for their skills and contributions.
  2. Conduct regular pay audits: Regularly review your company’s pay practices to identify and address any potential age-related disparities. This includes examining pay gaps between employees of different age groups performing similar roles. If discrepancies are found, take steps to rectify them and ensure equal pay for equal work.
  3. Base pay decisions on merit: Make pay decisions based on performance, skills, and experience rather than age. Implement performance-based pay systems that reward employees for their contributions and achievements. This allows for fair and objective evaluations, minimising the risk of age-related bias in pay decisions.
  4. Provide equitable benefits: Ensure that all employees, regardless of age, have access to the same benefits and entitlements. Review your benefits package to ensure it does not disadvantage employees based on their age. This may include healthcare coverage, retirement plans, flexible work arrangements, and other employee perks.
  5. Offer training and development opportunities: Provide training and development opportunities that are accessible to employees of all ages. This ensures that everyone has the chance to enhance their skills and advance their careers. Implement performance-based promotions and career development programs that are open to employees at any stage of their professional journey.
  6. Foster an inclusive work culture: Create a work environment that values diversity and inclusion, including age diversity. Encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing among employees of different age groups. This can be achieved through cross-generational mentoring programs or team-building activities that promote understanding and respect among colleagues of all ages.
  7. Train managers on age bias: Provide training to managers and supervisors on unconscious bias and the importance of treating employees equally, regardless of age. This training can help them recognise and challenge any age-related assumptions or stereotypes that may influence their decisions regarding pay and benefits.
  8. Regularly review and update policies: Review your company policies, including those related to pay and benefits, to ensure they do not discriminate based on age. Ensure that policies are in line with relevant employment laws and regulations and are consistently applied across the organisation.

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