Benefits And Entitlements for Marriages And Civil Partnerships

Games businesses that champion inclusivity by providing equal benefits and entitlements for employees in marriages and civil partnerships can create a more diverse and harmonious work environment. Here’s how…

employee benefits

By considering the following points, you can ensure that benefits packages cater to the needs of all employees, regardless of their relationship status:

Equal treatment: Ensure that your company’s benefits and entitlements apply equally to employees in marriages and civil partnerships. This helps foster a sense of fairness and inclusivity, as well as compliance with anti-discrimination laws.

Partner benefits: Offer benefits such as health and dental insurance coverage for spouses and civil partners, demonstrating that your studio values and supports employees’ relationships. Make it clear that these benefits apply to both married and civil partnership couples.

Parental leave: Provide equal parental leave policies for employees in marriages and civil partnerships. This includes maternity, paternity, and shared parental leave, as well as adoption and surrogacy leave. Such policies show your commitment to supporting families, no matter their structure.

Pension and retirement benefits: Ensure that pension and retirement benefits include provisions for spouses and civil partners, providing them with equal financial security and peace of mind.

Family-friendly work arrangements: Offer flexible work arrangements, such as remote working or part-time options, to accommodate the needs of employees with families. By providing a supportive work environment for employees in marriages and civil partnerships, you can help create a better work-life balance.

Bereavement leave: Implement compassionate bereavement leave policies for employees who lose a spouse or civil partner. This demonstrates empathy and understanding during a difficult time for employees.

Employee assistance programmes: Offer employee assistance programs (EAPs) that provide support for personal and family-related issues. Make sure these programmes are inclusive and accessible to employees in marriages and civil partnerships, ensuring they feel supported and valued.

Celebrate milestones: Acknowledge and celebrate relationship milestones, such as weddings and civil partnership ceremonies, within your company. This fosters a positive workplace culture and helps employees feel recognised and valued for their personal achievements.

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