Creating Workplace Policies That Cater For Marriages And Civil Partnerships

Developing and implementing workplace policies that support employees in both marriages and civil partnerships can help promote diversity and foster a culture of inclusivity. Here are some specific considerations for your games business…

marriage & civil partnerships

Anti-discrimination policies: Ensure your company has clear and comprehensive anti-discrimination policies in place that protect employees from any form of discrimination based on their marital status or civil partnership. Communicate these policies to all employees and provide training on how to uphold them.

Benefits and entitlements: Review and, if necessary, update your company’s benefits package to ensure it provides equal support to employees in marriages and civil partnerships. This may include shared parental leave, partner insurance coverage, and family-friendly work arrangements.

Flexible work options: Offer flexible work arrangements, such as remote working, part-time schedules, or job sharing, to help accommodate the needs of employees in marriages and civil partnerships. This can help create a more supportive work environment and promote a healthy work-life balance.

Support for family-related matters: Create policies and guidelines to support employees who need time off for family-related matters, such as attending their partner’s medical appointments or dealing with family emergencies. Offering compassionate leave or additional paid time off can help reduce stress and foster a supportive work environment.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Encourage the formation of ERGs or similar initiatives where employees can connect with colleagues who share similar experiences, including those who are married or in civil partnerships. These groups can offer support, networking opportunities, and a platform for discussing workplace issues.

Inclusivity training: Provide regular training on diversity and inclusion to all employees, including topics related to marriages and civil partnerships. This training can help create a more understanding and supportive work environment by increasing awareness of different employees’ experiences.

Ongoing review and improvement: Regularly review your workplace policies to ensure they continue to meet the needs of all employees, including those in marriages and civil partnerships. Seek feedback from employees and be open to making necessary adjustments to foster a more inclusive work environment.

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