Encouraging Social Mobility Through Recruitment: Broadening Selection Criteria

In today’s rapidly evolving games job market, relying solely on traditional qualifications to identify and select candidates can limit the diversity of talent available to your business. While a strong educational background and relevant experience are valuable, considering candidates with alternative credentials can broaden your talent pool and bring new perspectives and experiences to your team. Here are some strategies to explore…

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Look Beyond Traditional Qualifications: While educational credentials are important, consider candidates with alternative credentials, such as online certifications, bootcamps, or vocational training. These non-traditional pathways often offer unique skill sets and diverse experiences that can be valuable in a modern workforce.

Value Relevant Experience: Don’t overlook candidates with relevant experience, even if they don’t have a degree in the field. Experience gained through internships, volunteering, or personal projects can demonstrate a candidate’s skills and dedication to the industry.

Consider Transferable Skills: Skills acquired in one industry or role can often be transferred to a new role or industry. Don’t discount candidates who may not have direct experience in the field, but who have transferable skills that can be valuable to your team.

Utilise Social Media and Job Boards: Posting job openings on social media platforms and job boards can reach a wider and more diverse audience. Use specific keywords in job postings to attract a diverse range of candidates.

Attend Community Events: Attend community events and job fairs to connect with potential candidates from diverse backgrounds. Building relationships with local organisations and community groups can also provide valuable networking opportunities.

Partner with Non-Traditional Education Providers: Partnering with non-traditional education providers, such as coding bootcamps or vocational schools, can help your company identify candidates with alternative credentials and diverse skill sets.

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