Supporting Employees Around Gender Reassignment: Designing Inclusive Workspaces

For several reasons it’s essential to consider gender reassignment when designing and implementing workplace facilities for your games business. Here are some specific considerations…

Firstly, offering gender-neutral WCs and changing facilities is an essential step towards creating an inclusive environment. Providing separate facilities for individuals who don’t identify with the traditional gender binary can help employees feel more comfortable and respected in the workplace.

Alternatively, studios may consider allowing employees to use facilities that correspond with their gender identity.

When designing workspaces, consider the privacy and comfort of all employees.

Offer private, individual workspaces or partitions to provide a sense of security for employees who may feel vulnerable due to their gender reassignment process.

Additionally, creating quiet spaces for reflection and relaxation can help employees manage stress and feel supported in the workplace.

It’s also important to consider accessibility when designing workplace facilities. This includes providing easily accessible restrooms and common areas for individuals with mobility restrictions related to gender reassignment surgery. Ensure that doorways, elevators, and other access points are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

Lastly, ensure that workplace signage and communication materials are inclusive and respectful of all gender identities. This includes using gender-neutral language on signs and in written materials, as well as providing information about the location of gender-neutral facilities.

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Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

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