Supporting Employees Around Gender Reassignment: Recruitment Process

To ensure an inclusive work environment and attract the best talent to the games industry, it’s essential to consider gender reassignment in recruitment processes. By offering fairness and equal opportunities for all, including transgender and non-binary individuals, you can create a more dynamic and innovative workforce…

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The UK Equality Act 2010 is a crucial piece of legislation that protects individuals with the protected characteristic of gender reassignment from discrimination. Games businesses must comply with these regulations when designing their recruitment processes. Here are some specific considerations for creating an inclusive recruitment process that respects and supports individuals undergoing gender reassignment.

Firstly, training interviewers to avoid biases and asking discriminatory questions is vital. This includes refraining from asking about a candidate’s gender identity or the details of their transition unless it is directly relevant to the role. Instead, focus on the applicant’s skills, qualifications, and experience, and ensure that interviewers are aware of the importance of equal opportunities for all.

Establishing objective and transparent criteria for assessing candidates can help reduce the risk of discrimination based on gender reassignment.

This involves creating a standardised scoring system for evaluating applicants, which focuses on their abilities and suitability for the role. It’s important to periodically review these criteria to ensure they remain fair and unbiased.

Additionally, consider offering a variety of interview formats, such as video or phone interviews, to accommodate candidates who may feel uncomfortable with in-person interviews due to their gender reassignment process. This can help create a more inclusive and accessible recruitment process for all applicants.

Finally, be prepared to provide reasonable accommodations for candidates who may require them during the recruitment process, such as offering gender-neutral WCs at interview venues or adjusting the interview schedule to accommodate medical appointments related to gender reassignment.

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