Supporting Employees Around Mental Health & Wellbeing: Establishing Policies & Procedures

Games businesses have a legal and moral responsibility to support employees with mental health conditions, including creating policies and procedures that accommodate their needs. This involves offering appropriate sick leave, providing reasonable adjustments to workload or responsibilities, and ensuring that the workplace culture promotes mental health and wellbeing.

workplace policies

By implementing these policies, employers can demonstrate their commitment to creating a positive and supportive work environment for all employees.

One key policy that employers can implement is the provision of sick leave for mental health-related issues. Employees with mental health conditions may need time off work to receive treatment, manage their symptoms, or take a break to avoid burnout.

By offering sick leave for mental health, employers can support employees to prioritise their mental health and avoid exacerbating their condition. It is important to ensure that this sick leave is treated in the same way as sick leave for physical health conditions, without any stigma or discrimination.

Employers can also make reasonable adjustments to the workload or responsibilities of employees with mental health conditions.

This might involve providing additional support, such as mentoring or coaching, to help employees manage their workload and stay on track.

Employers can also adjust the employee’s job description or work schedule to accommodate their needs. For example, an employee with a mental health condition may find it difficult to work in a noisy or stressful environment, and so their employer could adjust their schedule to avoid working during busy periods.

Another important policy is the provision of an employee assistance program (EAP) or other mental health support services. These programs offer confidential support, counselling, and resources to help employees manage their mental health and wellbeing.

By providing these services, employers in the games industry can demonstrate their commitment to supporting the mental health of their employees and create a culture of openness and support.

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