Supporting Employees Around Mental Health & Wellbeing: Incident Reporting

Mental health conditions affect millions of people globally, and it is crucial for employers in the games industry to ensure that their workplace culture is inclusive and supportive of employees with such conditions, and that includes robust reporting…

Games businesses should be aware of the fact that under the Equality Act 2010, mental health conditions are considered disabilities, and they have a legal obligation to make reasonable adjustments to support such employees.

One of the most critical steps employers can take is to promote a workplace culture that is supportive and inclusive of mental health conditions.

Employers can do this by providing regular training on mental health awareness, so employees understand the importance of mental health and how to support their colleagues.

Encouraging open and honest communication among employees and promoting positive mental health habits, such as regular exercise and mindfulness practices, can also foster a supportive workplace culture.

Employers should also take steps to ensure that any incidents of discrimination or harassment related to mental health are taken seriously and addressed promptly. This includes having clear policies and procedures in place to deal with such incidents and ensuring that all employees are aware of them. It is also important to create a safe and confidential reporting system where employees can report incidents without fear of retaliation.

To provide support for employees with mental health conditions, employers can offer access to mental health services such as counselling or Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). These resources can help employees to manage their mental health conditions and reduce the impact of stress and anxiety on their work. Employers can also provide regular check-ins with employees to discuss their mental health and identify any areas where additional support may be needed.

Offering flexibility in the workplace is also essential for supporting employees with mental health conditions. Employers can offer flexible working arrangements such as remote work or adjusted work hours to help employees manage their conditions.

Additionally, employers can make reasonable adjustments to an employee’s workload or responsibilities to accommodate their needs and prevent undue stress or anxiety.

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