Supporting Employees Around Mental Health & Wellbeing: Making Reasonable Adjustments

Employers in the games industry have a legal obligation to provide reasonable adjustments to support employees with mental health conditions under the Equality Act 2010. These adjustments can include offering flexible working arrangements, providing additional support or training, and making physical changes to the workplace.

mental health

By providing these adjustments, games businesses can help employees manage their mental health conditions and ensure they can perform their job to the best of their ability.

Flexible working arrangements are a common adjustment for employees with mental health conditions. This can include flexible start and finish times, remote working, or reduced hours. By providing flexibility, employees can manage their workload and responsibilities in a way that suits their needs and reduces stress levels.

Employers can also offer additional support or training, such as access to counselling or mental health first aid training, to help employees manage their mental health conditions.

Physical changes to the workplace can also be made to support employees with mental health conditions. For example, providing quiet or private workspaces, reducing sensory stimuli, or allowing employees to take regular breaks can help reduce anxiety and stress levels. Employers can also implement a mental health policy to demonstrate their commitment to supporting employee wellbeing and encouraging open dialogue about mental health in the workplace.

It is important for employers to have a supportive and inclusive workplace culture that fosters understanding and acceptance of mental health conditions. This can be achieved through training for managers and employees, promoting wellbeing initiatives, and ensuring that all employees are treated with respect and dignity.

Employers should also have clear policies and procedures in place for managing mental health issues, including reasonable adjustments and access to support services.

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