Supporting Employees around Race & Culture: How To Create Inclusive Job Advertisements

Inclusive language in job advertisements is essential to attract a diverse range of candidates and avoid discrimination based on race or ethnicity. Employers should focus on the skills, qualifications, and experience required for the role rather than specifying any particular ethnic or racial group. Here are some strategies for using inclusive language in job advertisements that your games business may find helpful…

inclusive job advertisements

Focus on job requirements: Start the job advertisement by describing the skills, qualifications, and experience required for the role. Avoid using words or phrases that may be associated with a particular ethnicity or race. Use neutral language that reflects the requirements of the job.

Avoid cultural stereotypes: Do not make assumptions about a candidate’s background or cultural experiences. Avoid using language that perpetuates cultural stereotypes or prejudices. Instead, focus on the job requirements and the candidate’s ability to meet them.

Be specific and clear: Provide specific information about the job and the application process. Clearly state the job title, location, salary, and benefits. Also, provide details about the application process, such as the deadline and the required documents.

Use online tools: Many online tools can help you check for bias and ensure inclusive language. These tools can help you identify any problematic words or phrases and suggest alternative language that is more inclusive and neutral.

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