Supporting Employees Around Race & Culture: How To Create To Optimise Your Recruitment Process

In the hiring process, it is essential to train interviewers to avoid asking racially discriminatory questions in job interviews. It is vital to establish objective and transparent criteria for assessing candidates to ensure that the selection process is fair and free from discrimination. Here are some strategies for achieving that within your games business…

Develop a Diversity and Inclusion Training Programme: To create a more inclusive hiring process, it’s crucial to develop a diversity and inclusion training programme for interviewers. This should cover topics such as implicit bias, cultural competence, and how to ask open-ended questions to avoid assumptions based on race or ethnicity.

Create Objective Selection Criteria: Objectivity is essential when selecting candidates, and it is crucial to establish transparent and objective selection criteria that are relevant to the job’s requirements. This can include criteria such as education, work experience, and specific skills related to the role. Interviewers should be trained on these criteria and how to use them to assess candidates fairly and objectively.

Avoid Asking Discriminatory Questions: Interviewers should be trained to avoid asking discriminatory questions, which could include questions about race, ethnicity, or national origin. Interviewers should focus on asking open-ended questions that allow candidates to showcase their skills and experience.

Use Competency-Based Interviewing: Competency-based interviewing is a technique that assesses a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and experience, rather than making assumptions based on their race or ethnicity. Interviewers should be trained on how to use this technique to assess candidates fairly and objectively.

Ensure a Diverse Interview Panel: It’s important to have a diverse interview panel to avoid any potential bias in the selection process. Having a diverse panel ensures that multiple perspectives are considered, and that the selection process is more inclusive.

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