Supporting Employees around Race & Culture: How To Effectively Monitor And Report On Your Performance

Games companies must not only focus on attracting and hiring individuals from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, but also monitor and evaluate their diversity initiatives to ensure their efforts are making a positive impact. Here are some ways your business can achieve this…

performance monitoring

Conduct regular demographic assessments: Companies can conduct regular assessments to gather data on the racial and ethnic diversity of their workforce. This data can be used to track progress and identify areas where more work is needed to achieve a more diverse workforce. It can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of diversity initiatives over time.

Analyse recruitment and hiring practices: Companies should review their recruitment and hiring practices to ensure they are attracting and hiring individuals from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. This can include evaluating job descriptions, job postings, and interview processes to ensure they are inclusive and free from bias.

Monitor retention rates: Companies can monitor their retention rates of employees from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds to ensure they are not experiencing higher turnover rates than other employees. If retention rates are lower, companies can investigate the reasons why and take steps to address any issues.

Implement diversity metrics: Companies can establish metrics to track progress towards diversity goals. These metrics can include the percentage of employees from diverse backgrounds, the percentage of diverse candidates in the hiring pool, and the percentage of diverse candidates who receive job offers.

Regularly review policies and practices: Companies should regularly review their policies and practices to ensure they are inclusive and promote diversity. This can include reviewing promotion policies, performance evaluation processes, and training and development opportunities to ensure they are accessible to employees from all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

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