Supporting Employees around Religion & Beliefs: How To Avoid Discrimination

Games companies have a duty to ensure that their workplace is inclusive and free from discrimination, particularly when it comes to religion and beliefs. Discrimination can cause an employee to feel excluded and undervalued, leading to a decrease in motivation, job satisfaction, and ultimately, retention. Below are some strategies for creating an inclusive workplace for employees with religious beliefs…

religious beliefs

Develop clear policies: It is important to develop clear policies and procedures that respect the religious beliefs and practices of employees. This includes policies on dress codes, flexible working, time off for religious holidays, and access to religious facilities. These policies should be communicated to all employees and should be consistently applied.

Provide training: Training is essential to help employees and managers understand the religious beliefs and practices of their colleagues. This will help to promote respect and understanding in the workplace and avoid misunderstandings that can lead to discrimination.

Accommodate religious practices: Employers should make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the religious practices of their employees. This could include providing time off for religious holidays, flexible working arrangements, or providing prayer rooms.

Foster an inclusive culture: Employers should foster an inclusive culture where employees feel comfortable expressing their religious beliefs and practices. This could include encouraging employees to share their religious practices with their colleagues, providing opportunities for interfaith dialogue, and celebrating religious holidays and festivals.

Monitor and review: Employers should monitor and review their policies and practices to ensure they are effective and that they are meeting the needs of employees with religious beliefs. This should include regular feedback from employees and should involve reviewing recruitment practices, promotions, and pay to ensure that discrimination is not occurring.

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