Supporting Employees Around Religion & Beliefs: How To Create An Inclusive Workplace

In order to create an inclusive workplace for employees with diverse religious beliefs and practices, there are several strategies that your games business can implement…

Providing flexible work arrangements: Consider offering flexible work schedules that accommodate employees’ religious practices, such as prayer times or holidays. This can help ensure that all employees are able to practice their religion without sacrificing work obligations.

Providing private spaces: Consider providing private spaces for employees to pray or meditate. This can help create a more comfortable and accommodating work environment for employees who practise religion.

Providing education and training: Educate all employees on different religious beliefs and practices, and ensure that management is knowledgeable about accommodating these practices. This can help create a culture of understanding and respect for all religions and beliefs in the workplace.

Creating a respectful and inclusive culture: Create an environment that values and respects all religious beliefs and practices. Encourage employees to share their religious practices and traditions with colleagues, and ensure that the workplace culture is welcoming and supportive of all employees.

Avoiding discrimination: Ensure that hiring practices and performance evaluations do not discriminate against employees based on their religious beliefs. This can include avoiding questions about religious beliefs during the interview process and providing accommodations for religious practices when necessary.

Encouraging diversity and inclusion: Promote diversity and inclusion within the workplace, including religious diversity. Consider hosting events that celebrate different religious traditions and holidays, and encourage employees to share their experiences and beliefs with their colleagues.

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