Supporting Employees around Religion & Beliefs: Job Advertisements

Advertise job openings that are inclusive and non-discriminatory is important to attract a diverse pool of candidates to your games company, including those with different religious affiliations or beliefs. Avoiding language or requirements that may deter candidates based on their religion or beliefs is crucial – here are some ideas that could help your approach…

inclusive job advertisements

One strategy is to use neutral language that doesn’t assume or exclude any particular religion or belief system. For example, instead of specifying a particular religious affiliation or dress code, consider using language such as “appropriate attire for the workplace” or “open to all religious backgrounds.”

It’s also important to ensure that job requirements are genuinely necessary for the role and not based on assumptions about religious beliefs or practices. For example, requiring availability on Saturdays may inadvertently exclude candidates who observe the Sabbath.

Consider alternative scheduling options or offering flexible work arrangements to accommodate diverse religious practices.

Another strategy is to make it clear in job advertisements that the company is committed to diversity and inclusion, including respecting employees’ religious beliefs and practices. This can be communicated through the company’s mission statement, diversity and inclusion policy, or by including a statement in job advertisements explicitly welcoming candidates from diverse religious backgrounds.

Finally, consider seeking input from employees with diverse religious backgrounds in the job advertisement process. This can help ensure that job requirements and language are inclusive and accommodating.

This also demonstrates to current and potential employees that the company values diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming workplace for all.

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