Supporting Employees Around Religion & Beliefs: Preventing Harassment

Employers in the games industry must take steps to prevent harassment or discrimination based on religion or beliefs in the workplace, including providing training to all employees on the topic. Harassment based on religion or beliefs can create a toxic workplace culture and harm employee morale. Here are some strategies your games business could implement to avoid this…

Develop clear policies: It is important to have clear policies that prohibit harassment and discrimination based on religion or beliefs. These policies should be communicated to all employees and enforced consistently. Ensure that all employees understand the consequences of engaging in harassment or discrimination and how to report incidents.

Provide training: Training employees on issues related to religious diversity and inclusion can help prevent harassment. Such training can help employees recognise and address their unconscious biases and become more aware of the experiences of their colleagues. It can also provide them with the skills to handle difficult situations and promote respectful communication and collaboration.

Encourage open communication: Encouraging open communication can help prevent harassment and create a more inclusive workplace. Encourage employees to share their experiences and concerns around religious diversity and provide opportunities for them to do so. Consider establishing support groups or affinity groups for employees of various religions and beliefs.

Foster a culture of respect: Ultimately, it is up to leadership to foster a culture of respect and inclusion. This involves setting the tone for the workplace and modelling behaviour that values diversity and promotes respect. Leaders should be accessible to employees, actively listen to their concerns, and take action to address any issues that arise.

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