Supporting Employees With Disabilities Or Neurodiversity: Creating Accessible Workplace Facilities

Creating accessible workplace facilities for people with disabilities or neurodiverse conditions is essential to ensuring that all employees can work effectively and comfortably in your games business. Here are some strategies you can use…

Provide wheelchair accessibility: Make sure that your workplace is fully accessible for wheelchair users by providing ramps, wide doorways, and elevators where needed. It is also important to ensure that the workspace is spacious enough to accommodate wheelchair users.

Offer accessible restrooms: Provide accessible restrooms with grab bars, wide stall doors, and sufficient space for manoeuvring. Consider installing automatic doors and accessible sinks to make it easier for people with disabilities or neurodiverse conditions to use the restroom independently.

Ensure proper lighting: Ensure that all areas of the workplace are well-lit, with sufficient natural and artificial lighting. Avoid fluorescent lighting or other lighting that can cause sensory issues for people with neurodiverse conditions.

Provide adjustable workstations: Offer adjustable workstations, such as desks and chairs, that can be modified to accommodate different body types and needs. This can include providing ergonomic chairs or standing desks.

Provide assistive technology: Provide assistive technology and software to help employees with disabilities or neurodiverse conditions work effectively. This can include providing screen readers, magnifying software, and voice recognition software.

Ensure accessible IT systems: Ensure that all IT systems and software are accessible for people with disabilities or neurodiverse conditions. This includes making sure that websites and digital materials are accessible, as well as ensuring that assistive technology is compatible with all software and systems.

Create quiet areas: Create quiet areas for employees who need a calm and quiet workspace. This can include providing soundproof rooms or noise-cancelling headphones.

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Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

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