Supporting Employees with Disabilities or Neurodiversity: Creating Inclusive Workplace Policies

Creating an inclusive workplace for people with disabilities or neurodiverse conditions is an important step towards building a diverse and welcoming work environment. Here are some approaches your games business can use…

workplace policies

Educate employees and management: Provide training to all employees and management on disability awareness and neurodiversity. This training can cover topics such as recognising and accommodating diverse needs and promoting inclusion in the workplace.

Make reasonable adjustments: Make reasonable adjustments to ensure that employees with disabilities or neurodiverse conditions can perform their job tasks effectively. These adjustments can include providing assistive technology or software, making physical modifications to the workspace, or allowing flexible work arrangements.

Accommodate diverse communication needs: Consider the diverse communication needs of employees with disabilities or neurodiverse conditions. This may include providing alternative communication methods, such as text messaging or video conferencing, and making sure that written materials are accessible.

Provide mental health support: Offer mental health support and accommodations for employees with mental health conditions. This can include providing counselling services, promoting a healthy work-life balance, and providing accommodations for anxiety or stress-related conditions.

Promote accessibility: Promote accessibility throughout the workplace by making sure that facilities, technology, and materials are accessible for all employees. This may include providing wheelchair ramps, accessible restrooms, and accessible software.

Foster a culture of inclusion: Foster a culture of inclusion by celebrating diversity and promoting an open and welcoming environment. This can include holding diversity and inclusion events, providing opportunities for employee feedback, and encouraging open communication and feedback.

Review and update policies regularly: Regularly review and update workplace policies to ensure that they remain inclusive and relevant. Solicit feedback from employees and make adjustments as needed to promote an inclusive and supportive working environment.

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