Supporting Employees with Disabilities or Neurodiversity: Job Advertisements

Job advertisements are crucial to attracting a diverse talent pool and ensuring equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities and neurodiverse conditions. To make your games job advertisements more accessible, consider the following strategies….

Use clear and concise language: Write job descriptions using simple, easy-to-understand language that accurately represents the job requirements, responsibilities, and qualifications. Avoid using jargon, acronyms, or complicated terminology that may be confusing or off-putting to potential candidates.

Be inclusive in your language: Ensure the language you use is inclusive and does not inadvertently discriminate against people with disabilities or neurodiverse conditions. For example, use person-first language (e.g., “a person with a disability” rather than “a disabled person”) and avoid using potentially stigmatising terms.

Highlight accessibility and accommodations: Make it clear in your job advertisement that your company is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for candidates with disabilities and neurodiverse conditions. Encourage applicants to discuss their needs during the application process to help them feel more comfortable and supported.

Offer alternative application formats: To accommodate diverse needs, offer alternative application formats such as large print, audio, or braille versions of your job advertisement. Additionally, ensure your online application process is accessible by using screen-reader-friendly formats, including descriptive text for images and proper heading structures.

Feature inclusive benefits and policies: Showcase your company’s commitment to inclusivity by highlighting workplace policies and benefits that specifically cater to employees with disabilities and neurodiverse conditions, such as flexible working arrangements, mental health support, or additional leave provisions.

Use accessible platforms: Post your job advertisements on platforms that are accessible to individuals with disabilities and neurodiverse conditions. Many mainstream job boards have built-in accessibility features, but also consider posting on disability-specific job boards or forums to reach a broader audience.

Avoid unnecessary requirements: Review the job requirements and qualifications listed in your advertisement to ensure they are truly necessary for the role. Removing unnecessary requirements can help make the position more accessible to a wider range of applicants.

Consult with experts: Seek guidance from disability advocacy organisations, accessibility consultants, or employees with disabilities to ensure your job advertisements are truly accessible and inclusive.

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