Supporting LGBTQ+ Employees: Advocacy Groups

Partnering with LGBTQ+ advocacy groups or organisations is an effective way for your games business to demonstrate its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Here are some steps you can take to partner with these organisations…

Advocacy Groups

Identify relevant advocacy groups or organisations: You can research and identify relevant LGBTQ+ advocacy groups or organisations that align with your values and objectives. These organisations can range from local community groups to national organisations with a focus on workplace diversity and inclusion.

Reach out and build a relationship: Once the relevant organisations have been identified, reach out to them and express their interest in partnering. It is essential to build a strong relationship with the organisation to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

Identify opportunities for collaboration: You can work with the advocacy groups or organisations to identify opportunities for collaboration. This can include sponsoring events, volunteering, or participating in campaigns that promote LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace and the wider community.

Encourage employee involvement: Encourage employee involvement in these partnerships to promote a culture of inclusivity and diversity. This can include employee-led initiatives, such as participating in pride events or volunteering with the partnered organisations.

Evaluate the impact of the partnership: It is essential to regularly evaluate the impact of the partnership to ensure that it is meeting your objectives and those of the partnered organisation. This can be done through regular communication and feedback from employees and the partner.

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