Supporting LGBTQ+ Employees: Grievance Reporting

Your games business should have clear policies and procedures for reporting and addressing any instances of discrimination or harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity…

Grievance reporting

Firstly, employers should make it clear that discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. This should be included in employee handbooks and reiterated in training sessions for all employees.

Employers should also clearly define what constitutes discrimination or harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity, so that employees are aware of the specific behaviours that are unacceptable.

Next, employers should establish a clear process for reporting instances of discrimination or harassment. This may involve designating specific individuals or departments to receive and investigate complaints, or setting up a hotline or online reporting system.

It is important to ensure that employees feel comfortable reporting any incidents, and that they are aware of the protections in place to prevent retaliation.

Once a complaint has been received, employers should take swift and appropriate action to address the situation. This may involve conducting an investigation, taking disciplinary action against the perpetrator, and providing support to the victim.

Employers should also communicate with all employees to make them aware of the situation and the actions being taken to address it.

Finally, employers should regularly review and update their policies and procedures to ensure they are up to date with current laws and best practices. This may involve seeking input from employees who identify as LGBTQ+ to ensure their voices are heard and their perspectives are taken into account.

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